Diffuser Technology

To gently perfume our personal air space with natural scents can be satisfying to our emotional, spiritual and mental well being. Of the many options for diffusing, my very favorite and most reliable is cold diffusion, direct from the bottle. Just the oils are diffused, no carrier liquids and they are not altered by heat or water. This technology is low mess, low maintenance, very efficient, keeps oils suspended in the air for hours and has customized settings to create the environment that you want! Read below to learn which diffuser is best for you.

To order, please visit my affiliated link here. *Bear in mind that by going through this link, I will earn a small commission. I’ve researched high and low to bring you what I believe are some of the the best diffusers on the market today, and I hope you’ll agree!

Aroma Express: The Aroma Express Diffuser is very portable and handy. It fits nicely inside most vehicle cup holders, can operate on rechargeable batteries or USB/AC adaptor cord and is offered at a nice price-point. Just select your favorite oil or blend, and you’re ready to create your optimal space. The Aroma Express is provides great coverage for spaces up to 500 square feet.

Aroma Ace: The Aroma Ace is the workhorse of the atomizing diffusers. It’s has a compact shape perfectly suited to fit all the components inside. This strong little motor will chug along happily for years! The settings are easy to control and it can be run “non-stop” all year long. If you need more flexibility in your timing, this fully corded unit can be plugged into an outlet timer. I have these running in several key locations in my home. The Aroma Ace provides great coverage for spaces up to 1500 square feet.

Aroma Infinity: The Aroma Infinity is a beautifully designed diffuser that uses the same cold diffusion technology as the Express and the Ace. Like the Aroma Ace, the Infinity is also portable and can operate on rechargeable batteries or USB/AC adaptor cord. The Aroma Infinity provides great coverage for spaces up to 800 square feet.

Diffuser Necklaces: These beautifully designed solid brass necklaces give you an attractive option for defining your personal air space. Each pendant includes a set of felt diffuser pads and a sample oil of your choice to get you started. To order this customized product, please send an email to scentedjourneys@gmail.com.