About Christine

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Scented Journeys by me – Christine Volinsky! If you’re looking to learn more about how essential oils can help improve health, mental clarity and emotions – then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been learning and experimenting with essential oils for over 19 years. My journey has always been tilted toward a holistic lifestyle, away from allopathic medicine and the pharmaceutical approach to healthcare. It’s just always made more sense to me to use plants, herbs and foods as my front line to health – keeping the doctor and medicines for situations that require more intervention.

I use essential oils to scent my bath salts, facial moisturizer, cleaning products, etc… the options are endless! I find it to be 1) easier (than reading those labels and figuring out what’s in everything), 2) cheaper (than buying a variety of products in hopes of finding the right one) and 3) liberating to know that I am in this small way creating products customized for me.

Join me to discover your own scented journey and unlock the powerful benefits of using essential oils in your everyday life!