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Back to school means back to the routines and schedules; sports, music, homework, et cetera. It also means back to the lice and germs and illnesses that run rampant in many schools.

We had a lice notice from the nurse the second week of school; someone in the class has it. Although we’ve never had an outbreak in our family, we figured an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so we applied a 1:1 mix of lavender and tea tree to the kids’ scalps in the evening and then again before heading to school.  So far so good and we smell great too!  In the event that someone in my family did get lice, I would mix  the same oils in jojoba oil and saturate the hair with it, cover the head with a shower cap and let it soak for the length of a favorite movie.  Shampoo the hair well to get the bulk of the oil out. The end result will be a lovely shiny head of lice free hair! No chemicals.

We are starting to use our Thieves more regularly as the school year also started off with fevers, stomach viruses and general sniffles reported in both schools. Knock, knock on wood, we are still healthy and strong!  We’ll keep up with the Thieves again this winter. Last year we had another successful year of avoiding most of the sicknesses from school.  At just over $40 a bottle I think it’s well worth it for a healthy family, no doctor visits, no prescriptions to fill and no missed days from school.

Another  common complaint among kids is earaches and ear infections. We like to ease the pain and prevent an ear infection from getting worse by using lavender and rosemary essential oils.  At the first sign of any ear pain, I warm up about 1/4 ounce jojoba oil and add a few drops of each lavender and rosemary. Testing for temperature, I gently drop the oil mix into the ear canal using a bulb or plunger style medicine dropper. Once the canal is filled the warm oil acts as an internal heating pad for the inflamed area. The lavender is soothing and calming, the rosemary is very antimicrobial.  As the oil cools, I place a cotton ball at the ear and tip the child’s head over to drain the oil. Then I proceed to the other ear. I find that doing this 2-3 times a day during a painful ear infection is enough to move it in a healing direction. Again, no prescriptions filled.

It’s been a few months since I’ve added any posts. I am hoping to get back to this more frequently. In the meantime, if you have any questions on my posts or need advice on other uses of essential oils please contact me directly at scentedjourneys@gmail.com.


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Thieves is an essential oil blend that is reported to support the body’s natural immune system. Used regularly during cold and flu season Thieves can help ward off those pesky seasonal illnesses which is particularly helpful if you have a short person in your house who attends that all-day germ fest called school!

Last year, you may remember, was the year of the dreaded H1N1 flu strain. Despite having two short people enrolled at two separate schools and foregoing the flu vaccine, we did not get sick once! Ok, there was one 24 hour stomach thing but I’m quite sure you don’t want the details of that. So what’s our secret? And what do I plan to do this year? Read on…

Thieves combines Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus radiata, and Rosemary for a wonderful, spicy and potent essential oil blend. It smells like a warm winter kitchen, a simmering pot of mulled cider or wine.

The story goes that in 14th Century Europe during the times of the plague, grave robbers and the looters of the sick and dying would anoint themselves with aromatics while “on the job” to prevent getting the dreaded illness themselves.  One of the many  stories tells us that in exchange for a smaller punishment the thieves had to reveal their secret.  However there are also many versions of this story.  And many recipes for the Vinegar of Thieves.

I tried making my own Vinegar of Thieves this year and have been steeping garlic cloves, cinnamon sticks, clove buds, rosemary sprigs and black peppercorns in a mason jar of red wine vinegar. Wow, is it ever potent! I can’t imagine any germs living in it, but I think I’ll stick to my lovely essential oil blend, thank you very much.

Last year, my daily Thieves routine was to apply Thieves (diluted for the kids, full strength for the adults)  on the bottoms of our feet every night before bed. In the event of a sore throat or other symptoms I add a second application to the feet in the morning for an extra boost.

Particularly with oils that may be irritating to more sensitive skin, the feet are a great option. Essential oils will absorb through the skin and reach the blood in 20 minutes, regardless of where you apply them, so why not get the benefits and take care of stinky feet at the same time?

This year, I’m well into the routine of Thieves Feet again and…well, I don’t want to jinx ourselves, so let’s check back in after the winter and see how it went. Want to join me in my rather un-scientific but oh, so wonderfully smelly experiment? Contact me at scentedjourneys@gmail.com to get your own bottle of Thieves.

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